Triple H Heel Turn Coming, Facing Cena After WrestleMania

Triple H

Triple H

In what could be foreshadowing of where WWE creative is taking him in the future, Triple H is scheduled to work against John Cena in post-WrestleMania matches.

A heel turn for “The Game” has been rumored to be coming for some time. In fact, had it not been for the Degeneration X reunion last fall the turn would have occured already.

Some believe that Vince McMahon’s son in law will cost Shawn Michaels to lose his match against the Undertaker on Sunday which would certainly set the wheels in motion.

Bret Hart, who is scheduled to face Vince McMahon in a street fight at WrestleMania, will be the guest referee for the Cena vs. Triple H matches on the promotion’s upcoming European tour.

PWInsider was first to report the Cena vs. Triple H matches.

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